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We design high-quality, comprehensive mobile applications for online stores for iOS and Android platforms.

We present the possibility of creating a mobile application for an ecommerce store. Application based on the fast Flutter framework designed by Google. The applications can be connected and synchronized with any woocommerce and wordpress store. At the client's request, we can create an application for other e-commerce platforms.

1. Why Flutter?
- High performance and speed
- Cheaper production cost compared to other frameworks
- One source code works great on all platforms
- Lower cost of retrofitting

2. Do you know popular applications based on the Flutter framework?
- Allegro
- InPost Mobile
- Play24 mobile application
- Hebe
- Rossmann
- Payback
- Airbnb
- Wim Hof Method
- Adobe mobile applications
- most of Google applications - Google Stadia, Google Ads, Google Assistant, Google Analytics

Tip: hold down one of the navigation buttons in the app, if a title tag pops up, it means it's Flutter.

3. What features can your store app count on?
- Code scanner, i.e. searching for products in the store by barcode or QR code
- Product scanner
- Dark and light theme
- PUSH notification type marketing tools
- Login via Facebook, Google, Apple
- Chat with admin
- Submission and execution of orders
- In-app payment
- Save to favorites
- Writing product reviews
- Blog on your part
- Individual branding of your brand
- and many others

12 000 

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The most important functions of the application



• PayPal
• Transfers 24
• PayU



• login via Facebook
• Google login
(on the website and in the application)



We will adjust the appearance and functions of the application to your requirements.



As the owner of the mobile application you will gain notoriety and I will not say .. but fame.



We share with you the knowledge and techniques of promoting and managing.



Online security is the latest updates. Do not worry about it.


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