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How to Choose the Right Web Designer?


Jak wybrać wykonawcę strony internetowej?

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Our company is often approached by clients who had a problem with X because it did not complete the website on time or due to lack of competence. Unfortunately, very few people have knowledge of how websites function and, what is important, that it meets the latest requirements and standards in design and programming.

5 Tips on How to Choose a Website Contractor

In this article I will try to describe in a simple way what is important when choosing a website contractor and why.

1. Realizations

Here’s the foundation when choosing a contractor for your website. Does he have a portfolio on his website? If so, does it provide direct links to the implementation? Links, links, links! If someone does not provide the link, it means that he is hiding something. Anyone can download and upload images from Google. Therefore, test the completed projects and ask yourself the question: Would you like such a website?

Pay attention to the smallest details, because they determine the quality of the projects. Take a look at elements such as forms, icons, and even the spacing between items, or the arrangement of items is neat and tidy.

Are there any projects in your industry missing from their portfolio? This is actually a small problem, because a good graphic designer will design the page regardless of the topic.

How to Choose the Right Web Designer?

2. Test their website speed

You will also find a very long list of completed audits and those to be improved. Remember, if your website loads for more than 3 seconds, the bounce rate increases by 32%. This means that your customers are running away before your website loads, because they don’t want to wait, or they don’t have time, or worse, they think that the website is down and won’t load.

Before you entrust someone with creating your dream website, test their own! You don’t need to know anything about it, really. Here is a tool made by Google to test and optimize websites → PageSpeed Insights. It’s easy! You enter the address and wait. You get accurate data on the actual page speed and the percentage rate.

3. Test their SEO

SEO is basically search engine optimization. You perform a series of complex processes aimed at achieving the highest possible position in the organic search engine results for selected keywords and phrases. So when a customer searches for a car wash on Google, your website pops up first and you earn money. Simple.

How to test it? Download the free Seobility SEO Check mobile application. On Apple iOS and on Android. How it’s working? You enter the link of the website of the company that is supposed to make you your dream site and you get the result of whether they really know their stuff or talk nonsense.

The result speaks for itself. Green – great, Yellow – it will pass, Red – Very poor

How to Choose the Right Web Designer?
12 thousand views in the last 28 days, 75% of the views came from searches on Google – our client’s website

We already translate the above picture. Our client’s website owes nearly 75% of views thanks to the SEO strategy we have developed. The website obtains extremely high search positions, thereby increasing sales. Without an SEO strategy, your website would only get 3,000 views per month.

4. CMS software to operate the website

When the website is ready for use, it will be on your shoulders to struggle with the administration of the website. So it’s worth making the CMS management panel as simple and functional as possible. Ask the artist for a link to the demo so you can familiarize yourself with the features.

Here’s what you can expect and it’s worth your website’s CMS to include:

  • Adding and editing subpages,
  • Adding banners,
  • Uploading photos and files

5. Post-site service

Here is an extremely important and perhaps even the most important aspect → service after completion. All programs crash sometimes, and sometimes we may have a problem with something. Therefore, always ask if the implementation price includes support and for what period.

How to Choose the Right Web Designer?


Do you want to have a professional website that represents your company and attracts new customers? Thanks to companies such as Google, the bar on the IT market continues to rise, and more and more is required of software developers. Unfortunately, you can still find incompetent companies that will do it cheaper. Usually cheaper means you’ll have to invest in a new site soon.

Remember the following 4 points:

  1. Pay attention to the company and its social media, if possible, meet in person or online.
  2. Test if they know each other. Measure the speed of their website and perform an SEO audit.
  3. Ask for service and support after completing the website.
  4. Review and evaluate the portfolio and CMS management panel.
Artur Faryj

Artur Faryj

“Never discourage anyone, who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” ― Plato

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