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How to choose the right software house?


Jak wybrać właściwy software house?

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Choosing the right contractor for our future project may prove to be the key to success. Therefore, we should not make decisions without basic IT knowledge. A good Software House should first of all advise, conduct an analysis, and in special cases even refuse to implement a project, because it happens that the client’s expectations exceed the budget or are simply a fiction.

What is a software house and how to choose?

Software House is a software company that creates IT solutions. Software Houses focus on designing high-quality software such as dedicated mobile applications.

Most SHs provide services that go beyond just coding. The scope of their competences also includes UX (User experience) and UI (User interface).

Below, we present the most important points to pay attention to when choosing a good software house.

How to choose the right software house?

1. Test credibility of SH

Here you can read how to test the developer of your future website or application. You can also check the completed projects of Software House and when it comes to mobile applications, download and test them on your phone. Currently, there is a flood of fake portfolio companies that do not provide direct links to test the application…why? Because they want to hide something.

2. Avoid suspiciously cheap deals

Don’t choose the cheapest offer right away. Price is often directly related to quality. If you plan to develop your project in the future, choosing the cheapest solutions may make it impossible. Make sure that the SH you choose will be a proven partner.

3. Ask if they are testing software

No matter how good Software House is, it’s almost impossible for a product to be bug-free. Even the Facebook app has bugs. Testing during development is an indispensable part of the process, so always ask if SH has any quality control or if they are not “doing” the application on their knee.

4. Ask what technology they work in

Currently, the most popular solutions are Flutter and React Native. At Hievia Media, we mainly use Flutter software, due to the efficiency and universality of the code for most platforms. It is on Flutter that such applications as Allegro, Rossmann, Adobe and Google applications are based.

How to choose the right software house?

5. Ask for methodologies

Maintaining the structure in a software company is important and generally known, although still not always applied. Find out if the SH you decide to cooperate with uses the SCRUM methodology or other approaches. Operation in the spirit of SCRUM is based on delivering the product in small increments, which means that we know where we are at any time and we have a working version of the product.

So how to choose?

Choosing a competent company can turn out to be the key to your success. If you are looking for a proven Software House, please contact us or test our projects.

Artur Faryj

Artur Faryj

“Never discourage anyone, who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” ― Plato

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