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We create websites and mobile applications for every budget.

We design high-quality comprehensive websites with fast loading times. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, hasta la vista dear, your client is already filling a cart on a competitor's site.

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Stages of creating a website


We set the main goals of the website and who will be its potential recipient.


We design a clickable prototype of the home page and all unique subpages of the website.


On request, we organize photo sessions and record a professional promotional video for the website.


We create a content management system and program all unique functions.


We optimize the website so that it has a loading time of less than 2 seconds.

06on SEO

We implement website positioning on the web to obtain a result of at least 99.9% in the Google Lighthouse SEO test.


Servers with a backup system ensure stable and safe access to the website.


We train in the use of the CMS system in a simple and understandable way.


We run Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, advertising campaigns in social media.

Comprehensive implementation for:

Manufacturer of modular houses

WASA TRADE Sp. z o.o.
WASA TRADE Sp. z o.o.
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Very professional cooperation when creating a website. Factual answers to all questions. All our ideas were always taken into account.
- this is our secret - What makes us stand out? - this is our secret - What makes us stand out? - this is our secret - What makes us stand out? - this is our secret - What makes us stand out? - this is our secret - What makes us stand out?


We design pages with less than 3 seconds of loading time.


We optimize the website so that it receives a minimum of 90% in the seobility test.


We create page descriptions and colors using psychology and a limbic map.


fast sites for serious businesses

The season the website works, the more time the user spends on it. Saving time, visitors will spend it on additional activities on the site. He will select more products, read more information, etc. The page responding for a long time, the page freezes – hasta la vista, dear, your customer is already filling a cart on a competitor’s site.

The consumer visits the website in various ways: intentionally, accidentally, out of curiosity, out of necessity. But he makes purchases or other targeted actions on the site on the impulse “I want it now.” And if, at this crucial moment, your site freezes for at least a few seconds, you are missing it. This time is enough to create doubts in the user’s mind as to whether they really need your product.

We have this impression subconsciously and it is not wrong. Fast websites will always be associated with quality, reliability and professionalism. Fast sites are trusted sites.

Almost half of the world’s internet traffic is generated by mobile versions of browsers. Therefore, testing the page loading speed on mobile devices is an indispensable and obligatory stage in creating a website.

We explain. The higher the speed, the greater the traffic. More traffic means a higher ranking for advertisers. In addition, the quick default sites are of high quality. They have enough power to place more ads without compromising stability and speed. We create websites and mobile applications for every budget.

Speed affects your position in search engines. Site speed has a significant impact on user behavioral factors, and behavioral factors are an important signal for search algorithms. For example, the user clicked the link without waiting for the page to open, went back to the search – the search engine’s algorithm captures all of this and won’t bet on the wrong page. If this situation repeats itself frequently with your site, search engine results will always degrade. To sum up: under the same conditions, fast sites are indexed better than those of the competition. Add a little paid promotion to your website speed and you’ll always be first.

Load resistance Sites always have peak periods with heavy loads. Sale period for online stores, session period for information and educational portals, etc. Such loads are not a problem for websites with high loading speeds. These are high-quality professional Internet products with a large power margin ensuring stable operation with high traffic to the resource.

The faster the website runs, the better its code is. Such web resources are much more resistant to cyber attacks. While turtles suffer from attacks forever.

Together we can more

If you want to join our team and have experience in working under a lot of pressure and are good at dealing with the lethal dose of stress experienced by programmers, check, maybe we are just looking for you.

technology for people

Based on European aesthetics, we apply design fundamentals such as elegance, simplicity, craftsmanship and attention to detail to create a fluid and user-oriented experience.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.“

- Bill Gates -

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