Technology for people.

We design high-quality websites and mobile applications based on the latest technological solutions and design trends.


What makes us stand out?


We optimize the website so that it reaches a loading time of less than 3 seconds.


We adapt the website for mobile, tablets and computers.

SEO First

We optimize pages so that they get high positions in search engines.

Powerful server

A server with a backup system guarantees the security of your data.

Visual identification

We design websites in line with the visual identity of the brand.


We help to understand what goals the website is to achieve and to which target group it should be directed.


How we work?

We design and implement websites based on our iron code with careful attention to detail. We provide high quality hosting and website speed.


We set the goals to be implemented by the website and who will be its recipients. We define the visual style of the website and choose a color palette consistent with the visual identity of the company.


On request, we organize a photo session and record a professional promotional video for the website.


We design a clickable prototype of the home page and all unique site subpages.

Function implementation

We develop a content management system and program all the unique features of the website.


We develop and implement a website positioning strategy on the web to achieve a minimum score of 99.9% in the Google Lighthouse SEO test.


We publish the website on the server and optimize it for speed so that it has a loading time of less than 3 seconds.


We conduct training in the operation of the CMS system of a website in a simple and understandable way.


Nowoczesne serwery z systemem backupów zapewniają stabilny oraz bezpieczny dostęp do serwisu internetowego.


Na życzenie prowadzimy kampanie Google Ads oraz Facebook Ads, kampanie reklamowe w social media.


We use stable technologies


Framework created by Facebook for building applications. It offers great flexibility and scalability.


The most commonly used programming language. It is used to create mobile and desktop applications.


One of the main programming languages. It is estimated that 60-70% of the entire internet is maintained using this language.


Cascading Style Sheets, in short CSS is a language used for styling components and creating animations.


Content management system (CMS). According to W3Techs data, in May 2018, as many as 30.7% sites in the world worked based on WP.


Ionic Framework

SDK for creating hybrid mobile applications. Provides tools based on modern technologies and practices.


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